Saturday, February 6, 2010 has arrived! ~New Product Test Panel

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I don't have an iPad, iPhone, or an iPod Touch, so I wanted to pass this on to my readers. This is a new prodcut test panel that is opening up. Here is the information:

We're pleased to announce, a new unique user community being offered by Centercode. Unlike other communities we've announced in the past which use our software, is owned by Centercode and will act as a sister community to, but focused specifically on the Apple mobile platform. ( ) is a free service that connects iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Developers with great Testers for their Apps, offering the tools and help they need to easily to run a great beta test; creating Apps with less bugs, better reviews, and higher sales.

Much like, App users are given the opportunity to try new iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Apps before anyone else. They can provide their feedback and bugs while participating in discussion forums and wikis with other Testers.

App Developers are each given their own private projects which include bug and feature tracking, custom surveys, discussion forums, custom wikis, build distribution, tester participation monitoring, reporting, and much more. will also recruit App Testers matching the Developers market; or they can invite their own friends and customers.

Developers will also have access to market research materials on the App market, as well as the ability to request custom research. These services are all offered at no cost, with no ads. is currently accepting both App Testers and Developers. Signing up is free and requires only a few minutes to complete your profile.

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