Saturday, February 20, 2010

Become a ChaCha Guide~Earn Money at Home

Have you heard of ChaCha? ChaCha is a service that mobile phone users can use to text or call in a question (any question!) and have it answered by a ChaCha guide in a text message sent to the inquirer's cell phone. ChaCha is free to use, but they pay their "guides" for each question answered. I am not a ChaCha guide, but I'm an expeditor & I pick up some extra cash whenever I log in. What I love about ChaCha is that I can do it whenever I want, for as long as I want, whether it be for just 1 minute or a couple of hours (ha! that never happens with this busy momma). As an expeditor, I don't actually search for answers & send them to customers, I correct spelling, grammar, put questions in readable form (yeah, sometimes they are quite confusing), "categorize" the questions that need to be sent on to guides, and send customers quick answers when they are available for their particular question. It can actually be quite fun!

Right now, ChaCha is asking us to ask our friends who are interested in working with ChaCha to sign up. You will receive some training information online and then will be required to take an assessment to see if you would make a good guide. There is no cost to become a ChaCha guide. If this sounds like something you would like to do, please go to
Very important: You will need to enter in my email address when prompted during the sign up process to let ChaCha know I sent you! It is qysova @ yahoo dot com (remove spaces & put in email format).

My personal warning: ChaCha users ask ALL kinds of questions, and I mean ALL, and you will be required to answer them ALL if you become a guide (unless they are abusive which you will learn more about if you become a guide). So this might not be for everyone!

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