Sunday, November 15, 2009

The My Parent Rewards Card

I just learned about the My Parent Rewards Card that gives you discounts when you shop. I haven't tried it, but thought it sounded like a pretty neat idea & wanted to pass along the information!

My Parent Rewards is everything a coupon book is in a card! Instead of buying a coupon book that can only be used in 1 city, the My Parent Rewards Card is less expensive and can be used at 100,000+ locations across the US and Canada. You will enjoy 2-for-1 savings and up to 50% off at restaurants, retailers, services, attractions, golf courses, groceries, pharmacies, hotels, car rentals and more!

SEEING IS BELIEVING! Go to My Parent Rewards Home Page, type in your zip/postal code of your area and around the country to see all the 100,000+ discount locations available!

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