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What to do with Expired or Forgotten Coupons

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Forgotten or Expired Coupons
Posted by Swap Savers on December 9, 2008 at 2:33pm

Nothing pains me more than to realize my coupon is expired or forgotten at home. If you forgot your coupon or have an expired coupon, here are some tips to prevent or correct this situation.

Preventive Tips:

Mark your Calendar
If you have a great coupon or rewards coupon (such as CVS Extra Bucks or Best Buy Rewards) mark the expiration date on your calendar. You can also make a notation to use the coupon at least a week or two before it expires.

Use the Coupon Immediately
If you use the coupon as soon as possible you decrease your chance of forgetting or losing it. Also if you wait until the last minute to use the coupon you may be unable to make it to the store (if you get sick, etc.)

Coupon Organizer
If you use a coupon organizer you can identify coupons which may expire soon by placing them in a certain location or using a sticky tab on the soon to expire coupons.

Treat your coupons like dollar bills and bring them wherever you would bring your wallet. Using a coupon organizer makes it easier to transport your coupons in the car or store similar to a wallet holding your dollar bills.

Corrective Tips

Ask if Store Accepts Expired Coupons
Some stores will accept expired coupons, especially if it is a store coupon such as Bed and Bath. If a manufactures coupon is only a day or two expired, some stores will also accept the coupon.

Ask about Coupon Reimbursement
If you forget your coupons, ask if the store will reimburse you the next time you shop. Most stores will reimburse you the coupons amount if you bring the coupon and receipt to customer service the next time you shop.

Call Customer Service
If you let a rewards coupon expire (such as CVS Extra Bucks or Best Buy Rewards) and the store will not accept the coupon trying calling customer service. One time my Best Buy Rewards coupon expired and the store would not accept it. After calling customer service, I was sent a “one time re-issue” of the rewards coupon.

Other Suggestions

Donate Expired Coupons
U.S. military families stationed overseas are able to use expired coupons on base for up to six months after the manufacturer's expiration date. You can adopt a base. Here is a link

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